Thursday, 26 March 2009

Cover Me

A manchild is born.

And to announce our birth, we decided against posting a crude drawing of a three-headed, bearded freakbaby being spat into the world, and instead made you a mixtape.

Called "Cover Me", it's a musical tribute to our fairy blog-mothers - grrl-ziners Pamflet - and features our favourite guys doing versions of songs by our favourite gals. Skip over to 8tracks and check it out.

Get all warm down there, and all confused up top, as Manflet's man Mike Patton croons, "I just wanna be a woman". Chuckle in disbelief as Attack Attack!'s frontboy, who sounds all of 12, brags "I kissed a girl and I liked it". And, at the end of it all, find yourself agreeing with the Deftones that "this is no ordinary love".

If you like this, and can get to London, you can catch the PamfletManflet DJ Team at, um, Catch on Kingsland Road. More details on the sexXxy flyer.

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